Greetings!   I am a companion animal veterinarian with 34 years experience in helping pets in the clinical veterinary practice setting.  I have enjoyed my years in practice, and have seen a lot of changes in those 34 years.   One of the most important changes has occurred in the recognition and management of our pets’ pain.   When I finished veterinary school in 1984 we had very few options for treating an animal’s pain, and even failed to acknowledge that pain was a real issue.  I still remember the old adage that if they hurt they would move less, not damage their injury or surgery site, and thus heal better.  Wow!  What we now know is pain is a very real and stressful entity, which can actually slow healing due to increases in stress hormones (this applies to humans and animals).   My passion for caring for my patients has evolved into a passion for making sure they are comfortable and as pain free as possible throughout whatever treatment process they are undergoing. 

 Another major change has been the ability to treat chronic disease, do advanced medical and surgical procedures, and allow our beloved companions to live out longer, more comfortable lives with their families.  As with human health, our pets have been affected by many chronic diseases that really weren’t that common 30 years ago.  Conditions like diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, cancer, and autoimmune disorders have been paralleling the trends in human medicine.   While we have some very effective and safer drugs to treat and manage many of these conditions,  I am convinced that there are many natural and alternative methods to help manage and even prevent these conditions. 

Join me on my mission to discover and apply many new products, treatments, and alternative, natural ways to keep our pets comfortable and happy for as many years as possible.  

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