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Crate training is the fastest and most humane method of housetraining dogs. Have you ever seen a dog under a table, chair or bed? The reason is that dogs naturally want to seek shelter, even in a house. If you don't provide it, they will create it themselves in an effort to feel safe and secure. A crate serves as a den for your dog. Crates are not just for training, they are good for the lifetime of your dog. By providing a crate for your dog, you are in essence providing him with his own bedroom. Crate Covers and bedding turn your dog's crate into a comfortable bedroom! Cratewear gives you the style you want and the comfort your pet deserves.

Please DO NOT abuse the crate. Like you, dogs do not want or deserve to be locked up all day. Once your dog is properly trained the crate door should be left open or removed for him to come and go as he pleases. Crates are a dog's bedroom, NOT their house. If you're having trouble housetraining your dog please contact us and we will be happy to find help near you.

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