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This 3 piece washable dog bed set turns your pet’s crate into a comfy bedroom! Choosing the right dog bed set for your dog crate is made easy. 

The crate mattress makes your pet’s crate more comfortable. The Bumper gives your dog a sense of safety and comfort. The stylish crate cover provides security and completes your dog’s Cratewear!

It’s not just a cheap dog bed set for your dog cage… it’s a great way to crate train your pet! Crate training is recommended by veterinarians and breeders. This pet bedding for pet crates will make your life easier. And your dog will enjoy it too!

Cratewear is a great small dog bed for small dogs, or large dog bed for large dogs. Cratewear comes in 6 sizes from Extra-Small to XX-Large. Whether you have a small dog crate or a large dog crate, Cratewear will work for you. Cratewear fits dog kennels, dog cages and metal dog crates made by Midwest, Precision, Four Paws and more. Cratewear is a great travel pet bed set if you take your dog crate with you.

There are no zippers, covers, or ties to worry about. And the whole bed set is completely machine washable! The crate cover, bumper and crate pad go straight in the wash.

If you have a pet crate, your dog needs this special pet bedding! Pet Dreams is the #1 supplier of dog beds, crate covers, pet beds, sofa dog beds, travel beds, and cheap dog beds.

Cratewear is comfy and stylish – show your pet you care! Great for dogs and puppies.

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